Friday, October 16, 2009

Traffic-BBC 1967-68

BBC 1967-68

September 25 or 27, 1967
Smiling Phases (no recording exists)
A House For Everyone
Hole in My Shoe
Coloured Rain
Paper Sun
Dear Mr. Fantasy

December 11, 1967
Here We Go Round the Mulberry Bush (no recording exists)
Heaven is in Your Mind
No Face No Name No Number
Hope I Never Find Me There

February 26, 1968
Heaven is In Your Mind
No Face No Name No Number (no recording exists)
40,000 Headmen
Dear Mr. Fantasy

June 24, 1968
You Can All Join In
Who Knows What Tomorrow Will Bring
Feelin Alright (no recording exists)

July 15, 1968
Who Knows What Tomorrow Will Bring (no recording exists)
Pearly Queen
You Can All Join In (no recording exists)
Feelin Alright

Part 1-
Part 2-


Anonymous said...

Great stuff. Many thanks. Don't know where the last Dear Mr Fantasy track is from - could easily be a later recording as it featured in their act for years.

Anonymous said...

al stewart live 1973?
hardin & york? or pearl before swine on 1970's?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all these great BBC Sessions!
Any chance you have the sessions from The Glass Menagerie??

Thanks again,

Anonymous said...

Thank you kindly!

dany64 said...

does it really exists? a Glass Menagerie bbc session,can you make it public?i have only a couple tracks on a sampler and a 45 by them,think they were severely underrated

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Thanks for the links.
I love old music, the music from 50's to 80's that was real music.
Thank you very much.

JC said...

Any chance someone could post or send a lossless version of this? there are quite a few variations of these sets around and some of the songs noted as not recorded here do seem to exist.