Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Unreleased Gems From The BBC Archives Vol 1

01. Cream Outside Women Blues
02. Julie Driscoll with Brian Auger & Trinity Old Jim Crow*
03. The Nice -Get To You (version 2--longer)*
04. Fleetwood Mac -Dead Shrimp Blues*
05. Al Stewart--Absolutely Sweet Marie*
06. Son House Death Letters
07. Kippington Lodge--Younger Girl*
08. Rod Stewart (with Ian Mac)--Good Morning Little School Girl*
09. Procol Harum--Morning Dew*
10. Simon and Garfunkel--Can't Help But Wonder Where I'm Bound*
11. Chicken Shack (featuring Christine McVie)--Love Me or Leave Me*
12. Blodwyn Pig--Rock Me Baby*
13. The Iveys--Birthday (Pete Ham lead vocals)*
14. David Bowie--Waiting For the Man (version two--radically different)*
15. Traffic--Blindman*
16. Brian Auger & Trinity--I'm Not Talking*
17. Love Sculpture Do I Still Figure In Your Life
18. Cochise - Past Loves
19. Mandrake Paddle Steamer - The Ivory Castle Of Solitaire Husker
20. Joe Cocker--Mr. Bus Driver*
21. Led Zeppelin--Sunshine Woman*

01. 10th January 1967-01-10 BBC Playhouse Theatre, London, UK
02. No Data
03. Possibly Rec/1969-06-02 Playhouse Theatre, Northumberland Avenue Bcst/1969-06-08
04. Rec 1968-05-27 201 Piccadilly, Studio 1 Bcst/1968-06-02
05. Possibly Bcst/ 1968-05-29 Night Ride or 1968-08-18 Top Gear
06. Bcst/1970-07-11 Top Gear
07. No Data
08. No Data Possibly 12/1970
09. BBC Light Programme: Easy Beat Rec/1967-06-14(with Royer and Harrison): Bcst/1967-06-18
10. No Data Possibly 01/1965
11. No Data Possibly 1968
12. No Data
13. Rec/1969-07-31BBC's Maida Vale Studios, Delaware Road London "Sounds Like Tony Brandon"
14. Rec/1970-03-25 Bcst/1970-04-06 Andy Ferris Show
15. Possibly Rec/02-1968 Bcst/ 1968-03-03 Top Gear 1968-03-09 Pete's People
16. No Data
17. Rec/1968-04-02 Bcst/1968-04-21 Top Gear
18. Bcst/ 1970-07-04 Top Gear
19. Bcst/ 1969-04-06 Top Gear
20. Possibly Bcst/October1968 (6th Stuart Henry 13th Top Gear 14th David Symonds
21. Bcst/1969-03-23 Top Gear

Part 1-http://sharebee.com/09da272d
Part 2-http://sharebee.com/b9d3f585


Anonymous said...

Excuse me
Only Links for Disc One
Please Links to Disc 2 ?
Thanks so much

Stanley said...

Yeah! This is brilliant stuff! Disc 2 please. And more volumes...

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