Wednesday, November 26, 2008

University Of Errors-Melkweg, Amsterdam, Netherlands-November 5,2006

University Of Errors
Melkweg, Amsterdam, Netherlands
November 5,2006

01. Save Yourself
02. Hope For Happiness
03. She's Gone
04. When I Don't Want You
05. You Don't Remember
06. Extensively Tattooed Man To The Stage, Please!
07. I Should've Known
08. Shooting At The Moon
09. Stoned Innocent Frankenstein / Fohat Digs Holes In Space
10. Love Makes Sweet Music

Daevid Allen : Guitar, Vocals
Josh Pollock : Guitar, Loudhailer Vocals
Michael Clare : Bass
Warren Huegel : Drums

Outstanding audience recording from this historic festival!!

Part 1-
Part 2-


cozmicbeat said...

Great show : I was there !!!!
By the way, the official dvd avalable on is also outstanding !
Thanks a lot for your great blog... Always hoping something new from the Gong & Daevid Allen family !

Anonymous said...

Another great post! Thanx a lot.
Viva Canterbury.

Harvey Dog said...

University of Errors are great

Anonymous said...

would you repost this one and the mushroom tapes pleas? thank you so much from Argentina

Anonymous said...

Just so you know, yes some of us musicians are aware.
I am always honored that people are interested in live recordings of our music.
Please be aware however, this recording is missing the first song of the concert "That's How Much I Need You Now"
I originally became aware of the recording on Dimeadozen where it was posted as .flac files, here it is compressed to .mp3.
This is not necessarily a good thing, but it is so common all over the internet that it can't be fought.
But you should be aware of what you are listening to, so I am pointing it out.

and VERY big thanks to cozmicbeat for correctly pointing out that this very concert has been officially released on DVD by Voiceprint in the UK as Daevid Allen's University of Errors Plays The Soft Machine.
The sound of that is FAR superior having been recorded to 24 tracks and painstakingly mixed by Harry Williamson, Daevid and me.

That's it.
Please buy one of our CD's or the DVD.
Professor Proplexed
Department of Web Patrol
University of Errors

Anonymous said...

I`m with you men, i would like to buy all the original albums of Gong, mother gong, U of E, Daevid solo, etc. The thing is that here in argentina this music is not edited, the only way yo can get them is by ordering but their price is en euros. To give you an example 13 euros (plus th shipping) that in europe is not much money, it's a lot of money here so it`s very difficult to buy things that are imported. I have a very deep admiration for all the gong albums i heard and almost everything of daevid i heard. Anyway i understand your point view and if i cuold find em here i would buy them gladly. I send you a strong hug

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