Saturday, November 1, 2008

Arthur Brown-The Joiners, Southampton,UK-6-23-93

The Crazy World of Arthur Brown
The Joiners, Southampton, UK.
June 23,1993

Audience Recording

01 intro-When You Open The Door
02 King of England
03 Juices Of Love
04 Nightmare
05 Fire Poem
06 Fire
07 Come & Buy
08 Mandela (The Fire-Ant & The Cockroach)
09 Time Captives
10 unknown (to the tune of Danny Boy)
11 unknown
12 unknown (cuts out)

edited notes-
Arthur was back in the UK and touring after many years away, bringing with him a bunch of Texan musicians who of course had nothing to do with the original Crazy World. This gig was the day before the London Marquee show that was taped and issued on CD as Order From Chaos, hence the very similar set list. Great set though!!

Part 1-
Part 2-
Part 3-


Unknown said...

Wow - I was at this gig! I remember the band coming in through the audience chanting a mantra - the guitarist had one of the biggest pedal boards I've ever seen - awesome! Thankyou

Anonymous said...

Nice to see my recording making it's way here from Dime.

morgadob said...

check out my phenomenal Arthur Brown blog it will put a spell on you!