Thursday, November 10, 2011

Pink Floyd-1967-09-10 (Stockholm) (FLAC)


gyllene circelen
(replay on may 7th, 2011)

SOURCE: sonic studio dsm 6 (w/ pre-amp & bass roll off) > tascam tascam dr-07 (44khz/24bit)
TRANSFER: adobe audition 3.0 > > flac level 8
LOCATION: next to the soundboard, approx. 6 meters off the speakers, center
TOTAL: 43:02

02 mathilda mother
03 pow r toc h
04 scream thy last scream
05 set the controls for the heart of the sun
06 see emily play
07 interstellar overdrive

- there's a 44 khz /24 bit version up on yeeshkul
- some general information about how this "replay" came to be
- more detailed info here:
- lotsa pros and cons about what to do with this recording:
- very nice pix here:
- 1st and biggest thank you to mr. lind who originally and perfectly recorded the show
- thanx to peooohh for getting me tix, a place to stay, swedish beer etc etc
- thank to creamcheese for "treating" (only very, very little normalising and editing was done with extreme caution)
- "last time i took drugs, i tried to eat an airport"

Part 1-

Part 2-


Anonymous said...

This boot is spreading all over the internet like wildfire! Unsurprising as it's the best sounding audience recording of a 1967 Floyd gig by a mile. Syd's vocals are, unfortunately, almost completely inaudible but that's pretty common with audience recordings from this period. All the instruments are clear and well balanced though. If the absence of vocals is ignored this probably rates as an A- soundwise, far better than the Copenhagen and Rotterdam recordings.

Anonymous said...

So what about the 7 minute instrumental jam that supposedly precedes Matilda Mother? This version seems to be incomplete.

Anonymous said...

Thanks. It's hard to believe there is all this stuff out there. Looking forward to hearing this.

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