Friday, November 25, 2011

Iron Butterfly - Galaxy Club 1967 (FLAC)

Galaxy Club, Los Angeles, CA

Lineage: traded CDR > Steinberg > Carbon-Hi-Space CDR > Flac > you

"A fantastic recording, hard and very, very psychedelic, sometimes strange."

This is an interesting tape. The original info said it's an audience tape, but I'd swear it is a soundboard. The stereo separation seems to great to not be a soundboard. How else could you have the drums in one channel and everything else in the other channel with only a little bleed through. It is a tad muffled, but otherwise the sound quality is great.

If all you know of Iron Butterfly is "In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida", this 1967 show may be a shock. Recorded before their 1968 debut album, "Heavy", only four of these songs would be recorded in the studio. To once again quote the original info file that came with this recording, "very psychedelic, sometimes strange".

Doug Ingle (vocals, organ)
Ron Bushy (drums)
Jerry Penrod (bass)
Danny Weis (guitar)
Darryl DeLoach (tambourine)

1. Real Fright
2. Possession *
3. Filled With Fear
4. Fields Of Sun *
5. It's Up To You
6. Gloomy Day To Remember
7. Time To Ignore Evil Temptation
8. Have You Heard?
9. General As It May Seem *
10. Lonely Boy
11. Iron Butterfly Theme *
12. You Can't Win

* Included on the debut album

Soundquality: A/A-
Time: 53:53
Medium: CDR
Covers: on board (PNG Lossless)

Part 1-

Part 2-

Part 3-


Unknown said...

Classic Show! Great Music, nice audio..
Thanks for posting!


Anonymous said...

This gig took place in North Hollywood on the 9th of November 1967.