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Kevin Ayers (1992-2 Pack) (FLAC)

Kevin Ayers (1992-2 Pack)

Kevin Ayers
Greater London Radio GLR
30 April 1992

Ollie Halsall: g

(probably Ollie Halsall's last session ever!)

1 Interview with Kevin Ayers
2 I Don't Depend On You (Studio Session)
3 Interview (introducing "Feeling This Way" from the CD, which is removed!)
4 Interview
5 May I (Studio Sesion)

cassette from trades/1st generation from master
---> wav (with Terratec phono pre amp studio)
---> flac
quality A--


2 JUNE 1992

1 Feeling This Way
2 When Your Parents Go To Sleep
3 Super Salesman
4 Shouting In A Bucket Blues
5 Everybody's Sometime And Some People's All The Time Blues
6 Something In Between
7 I Don't Depend On You
8 Lady Rachel
9 Intrducing M16
10 M16
11 Ghost Train
12 There Goes Johnny
13 May I?
14 Why Are We Sleeping
15 Thank You Very Much
16 encore calls
17 Blaming It All On Love
18 encore calls
19 Two Goes Into Four
20 End applause

cassette from trades/unknown generation
---> wav (with Terratec phono pre amp studio)
---> flac
quality B++

Don't sell! Don't encode to mp3!!!


Part 1-

Part 2-

Part 3-

Part 4-


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