Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Flo & Eddie-1973-04-26 New Orleans (FLAC)

Flo & Eddie
New Orleans, LA
Municipal Auditorium
Lineage: master cassette>cdr(0)>cdr(1)>eac>wav>flac
Transfer: Master cassette>unknown standalone burner>1cdr(0)>1cdr(1)
Taping Gear: Unknown mic and deck
Taped and Transferred By: Mister Freezer
Speed, tracking and volume corrections applied to the recording.

Band Members:
Howard Kaylan (Eddie) - vocals
Mark Volman (Flo) - vocals, guitar
Gary Rowles - guitar
Jim Pons - bass
John Herron - keyboards
Ansley Dunbar - drums

01. Intro
02. Goodbye Surprise
03. If We Only Had The Time
04. It Never Happened
05. Afterglow
06. Band Introduction
07. Feel Older Now
08. Nikki Hoi
09. Elenore
10. I Been Born Again
11. Happy Together
12. Boogie
13. Audience

Length: 51:00

Freezer master recording. Very good to excellent sounding recording. The show captures Flo and Eddie(ex lead singers of The Turtles and The Mother's Of Invention) opening for Alice Cooper here and this particular touring band features mostly ex-Zappa Mother's Of Invention band members who were in the last lineup with Flo and Eddie before being disbanded. If you like musicial insanity of the highest art then these guys are for you.

Part 1-

Part 2-


Anonymous said...

This is a nice surprise, thanks.

zico said...

Love them. They were the best singers the late great Frank Zappa had and surely their Mothers's live at Fillmore East album was one of the all time best. Jim Ponw and Aynsley Dunbar were also there too. And this is surely a beauty. Thanks Hal. Great post this is.

zico said...

Can you please repost this one? Ι was so late...

whsonic said...

yes, a repost would be a good idea.

Unknown said...

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