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Bonzo Dog Band-The BBC Recordings (Revised Edition) (FLAC)

Bonzo Dog Band - The BBC Recordings (Revised Edition) (2011 Home Made Compilation, 2CD)

Totally unexpected, one day after uploading my home made Bonzo Dog Band compilation 'The BBC Recordings' I stumbled across a bunch of unknown (and many unreleased) BBC recordings from an unknown source, no less than 37 MP3's although some in very poor quality. After listening I decided to upgrade the earlier upload with those tracks that aren't already included in the earlier upload and albeit MP3 sourced, are in a listenable sound quality and interesting to hear.

After it became obvious that I couldn't prevent compiling a second volume and as there was space left over, I decided to add also the poor quality tracks that I initially didn't want to include. Avoiding to disturb the listening pleasure I renumbered these and put them unaltered in its original file format at the end of each volume as bonus tracks. If you prefer having these tracks in the correct chronological running order simply renumber them as these are double numbered.

This revised version has also two of the officially released tracks speed adjusted as they were wrongly mastered on the official release.

The BBC Recordings - Volume 1 (November 1967 to March 1969)

Session 1 - Rec 08-11-1967 - TX Top Gear 12-11-1967

01 Mickey's Son & Daughter
02 The Craig Torso Show

Session 2 - Rec 29-04-1968 - TX Top Gear 05-05-1968

03 Do The Trouser Press
04 Canyons Of Your Mind
05 I'm The Urban Spaceman (Speed adjusted)
06 I've Found The Answer*

Session 3 - Rec 08-07-1968 - TX Top Gear 21-07-1968

07 Beautiful Zelda*
08 My Pink Half Of The Drainpipe*
09 Eleven Moustachioud Daughters*
10 Can Blue Men Sing The Whites*

Session 4 - Rec October 1968 - TX Top Gear 20-10-1968

11 Shirt*
12 The Bride Stripped Bare By The Bachelors*
13 Excerpt From 'Brain Opera' Act 3, Scene 1 (The vivisectionist Laboratory)*
14 Ready Mades*

Very early previously unknown recording of 'Brain Opera' making my earlier assumption on the first edition completely obsolete. This part is called 'Act 3, scene 1' which seems odd as the other part on CD2 is called part 3.

Session 5 - Rec 29-10-1968 - TX Saturday Club 02-11-1968

35 Somebody Stole My Gal**
36 Trouser Press**
37 Canyons Of Your Mind**
18 Hello Mabel (Speed adjusted)

First three tracks included at the end of CD1 due to poor quality.

Session 6 - Rec early November 1968 - Radio 1 Club 13-11-1968

38 Humanoid Boogie**

Included at the end of CD1 due to poor quality.

Session 7 - Rec December 1968 - TX Saturday Club 21-12-1968.

39 My Pink Half Of The Drainpipe**
40 Santa Cherie Baby**
41 Eleven Moustachioed Daughters**
42 Keynsham**

Included at the end of CD1 due to poor quality.

Session 8 - Rec unknown - TX Colour Me Pop 21-12-1968

24 I'm The Urban Space Man
25 Canyons Of Your Mind

Session 9 (Part 1) - Rec February / March 1969 - TX Symonds On Sunday 09-03-1969

18 Look Out There's A Monster Coming*
19 Humanoid Boogie*

Total running time CD 1: 74:48

01-05, 18 Unpeeled (EMI 1995 CD)
06-14, 26-27 Unknown source (*Remixed MP3)
35-42 Unknown source (**Unaltered MP3)

The BBC Recordings - Volume 2 (March 1969 - December 1969)

Session 9 (Part 2) - Rec early March 1969 - TX Symonds On Sunday 09-03-1969

01 Mr Apollo (Single version)
02 Can Blue Men Sing The Whites (Album version)

Session 10 - Rec March / April 1969 - TX Radio 1 Club 11-04-1969

03 Ready Mades*
04 Hello Mabel*
05 Quiet Talks And Summer Walks
06 Canyons Of Your Mind*
07 Mr Apollo*

Some of the tracks of this session are of questionable quality but as this is a bit of a bordeline case I decided to include them in the chronological running order.

Session 11 - Rec 31-03-1969 (?) - TX Top Gear 13-04-1969

08 Look At Me I'm Wonderful
09 Mr Apollo (Live Vocal)*
10 Quiet Talks And Summer Walks

Session 12 - Rec 29-07-1969 - TX Top Gear 03-08-1969

11 We're Going To Bring It On Home
12 Monster Mash
13 Sofa Head / Give Booze A Chance (Unedited Full version)
14 Tent (Unedited Full Version)

Session 13 - Rec late 1969 (?)

15 Keynsham - TX unknown
16 I Want To Be With You - TX unknown
17 We Were Wrong - TX Dave Lee Travis 21-12-1969
18 Excerpt From 'Brain Opera' Pt.3 (In Biology, Quiz Show, We Own Your Brain)*

Track 11 is a longer version than on the first edition and includes a take on Wagner's Ring der Nibelungen.

Session 14 - Rec December 1967 (?)

19 The Craig Torso Christmas Show - TX Top Gear 17-12-1967

Bonus tracks
20 Sofa Head (Edited CD-version)
21 Give Booze A Chance (Edited CD-version with voice-over)
22 Tent (Edited CD-Version)

Total running time CD2: 77:08

Hope you like it, sorry no artwork!

Have fun! BeatleV!

Part 1-

Part 2-

Part 3-

Part 4-

Part 5-


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