Sunday, April 25, 2010

Van der Graaf Generator - Hull University, UK (11-3-77)

Hull University
3rd nov 1977

01 Crying Wolf
02 Lizard Play
03 Chemical World
04 Habit of the broken heart
05 Ship Of Fools
06 Medley.
07 Cats Eye Yellow Fever
08 The Sphinx in the face
09 Last Frame
10 Door (Incomplete)

This may originally may have recorded onto Open Reel as the quality is very high for the age of the recording


Part 1-
Part 2-


Anonymous said...

Hi there!
thanx for that post

Hull University
is in Quebec province, Canada

Anonymous said...

It's me again... :-)

don't know if you miss label the songs, but they r in mp3, not flac... but the Pink Floyd under are in Flac...

thanx again!

ibnu said...

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PinaRock said...

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zico said...

At that time they were probably at their best. And this is surely o live proof of that. One more great post this is for sure.

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