Thursday, April 15, 2010

ELP-Detroit (June 1,1977)

Emerson, Lake & Palmer
Cobo Arena-Detroit, MI
June 1, 1977

01. Abbadon's Bolero (incomplete cuts in)
02. Hoedown
03. Karn Evil 9
04. The Enemy God Dances With The Black Spirits
05. From The Beginning
06. Piano Concerto No. 1, 1st Movement
07. Piano Concerto No. 1, 3rd Movement
08. Closer To Believing
09. Knife Edge
10. Lucky Man
11. Tank
12. Pirates
13. Fanfare For The Common Man (incomplete cuts out)

Length: 90:31

JEMS master recording. This is a good sounding recording but incomplete with the opening and closing songs being incomplete and the recording missing possibly two songs(Pictures At An Exhibition and C'est La Vie). This is the 2nd of two nights E.L.P. played the Cobo Arena and this show also featured a full ensemble orchestra.

Part 1-
Part 2-


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Anonymous said...

Awesome [post... didn't know that both nights from Detroit were available... this night's show is much better sound than the 05/31/1977 show, but the 05/31/1977 show is more complete than this one. Mix the two together and have fun :)

BTw.. there is no Tarkus on this 06/01 show but there is "from the begining".. i wonder if they swapped those two around from night to night?

anyway.. this has GREAT sound, thanks so much for posting :)