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Magic Band-Liquid Room-Edinburgh (January 24, 2004)

The Magic Band
Liquid Room
January 24, 2004

Disc : 1/2

Track : 1 Diddy Wah Diddy: 3:25
Track : 2 The Smithsonian Institute Blues: 3:22
Track : 3 Circumstances: 3:38
Track : 4 Nowadays a Woman's Gotta Hit a Man: 4:45
Track : 5 Hair Pie; Bass Bake: 2:01
Track : 6 On Tomorrow: 3:18
Track : 7 Drumbo solo / Steal Softly Thru Snow: 3:19
Track : 8 Drumbo Solo / Abba Zaba: 5:34
Track : 9 Alice In Blunderland: 3:24
Track : 10 Track 10: 3:33
Track : 11 Hair Pie: Bake 2: 3:16
Track : 12 Evening Bell: 2:11

Total time 41:51

Disc : 2/2

Track : 1 Electricity: 7:50
Track : 2 The Floppy Boot Song: 4:24
Track : 3 Mirror Man: 7:05
Track : 4 track 4: 2:34
Track : 5 Sun Zoom Spark: 2:56
Track : 6 track 6: 4:37
Track : 7 When It Blows It Stacks: 4:14
Track : 8 Moonlight On Vermont: 5:44
Track : 9 Big Eyed Beans From Venus: 5:25

Total time 44:52


Drums / vocals - John 'Drumbo' French
Guitar - Gary Lucas
Guitar - Denny 'Feelers Reebo' Walley
Bass - Mar 'Rockette Morton' Boston
Drums - Michael Taylor

I recorded this during the Magic Band's brief UK tour of 2004 as the Magic Band without Don Van Vliet.
I have to say I am no great fan of Beefheart, I was there to see Fire Engines who had reformed after 22 years specifically to play support at this gig,
Captain Beefheart being a major influence on their sound.
I have to say though I was pleasantly surprised with the Magic Band, it was an excelleent performance and as you will hear Drumbo say "this is only our 5th
time playing together and this is definitely the best so far..." I'll let you judge for yourself, hear the sample for the sound quality.

Haven't seen any other uploads of this show and I haven't previously circulated this, it may be a first?

A friend did the track list for me but I'm missing 3 titles, so any help would be most appreciated.



Part 1-
Part 2-


Anonymous said...

Hi Hal,

Just to update the tracklisting

Disc 1
Track 9 = My Human Gets Me Blues
Track 10 = Alice in Blunderland

Disc 2
Track 4 = ? + Mirror Man (Reprise)
Track 6 = Grow Fins

Hope this helps


zigzagwanderer said...

Thanks for this,the only other (modern)Magic Band gig I've come across is the Peel Session 7-7-04.

Anonymous said...

I just listen to this bootleg and I am really fascinated about the music.It`s so hard to find any Captain or Magic Band with John French recordings.I already got the 'Back to the Front'and I`m very glad to find this next one.Thanks a lot and 'Keep on rocking'.Not to forget the master and creator of them all:God bless Don Van Vliet!

Timmy said...

Thanx for this. It is a great venture out to recapture the Captain's lost ship. However, it falls somewhere off the map.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing.

Disc 2, Track 4: "You're Gonna Need Somebody On Your Bond" is a line sung in 'Tarotplane' off the 'Mirror Man' LP, that Don borrowed from Blind Willie Johnson.

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This a great band I had never heard them so since this moment I'll be the fan number one because they have a perfect style.m10m

Anonymous said...

Thanks a bunch! Beefheart was a genius. Can't get too much Beefheart.

Did anyone else notice that the tow parts are exactly the same?

Dan said...

Hal, could you post both parts of this to rapidshare? The sharebee links appear to be dead and the last comment said the same part was originally posted twice instead of a part 2. Thanks!!!

Anonymous said...

Looks like all the download sites are either dead or file no longer available. New location anyone?