Saturday, February 7, 2009

Gong-Mallacoff 1972

GONG - "Gong Live At Mallacoff"

G.A.S. OT 16 Cassette
Otter Songs OT 16 Cassette
1982 release

1) PHP's (1:26)
2) This Microphone (2:38)
3) Zero The Hero (12:44)
4) I Am Your Animal / Bamboolay (9:31)
5) You Can't kill Me (5:55)
6) Dreaming it (4:49)
7) Tropical Fish (14:11)

1) The Pot Head Pixies (coda, starts fading in)
2) Impromptu
3) Zero The Hero And The Witch's Spell
4) I Am Your Animal / Dynamyte
7) No Selene played here

This tape has no note about date and venue. Calyx Gong chronology states they played in Malakoff
(near Paris) on June 7th 1972 and on January 27th 1973 both times at the Théatre 71.
This tape is usually listed as 1972.
I have two versions of this tape; one is from Ottersongs and one is from GAS, both have the same
catalog number, same cover (Otter is black and red, GAS is black and yellow), same A side label
but different B labels (Artwork is included). I decided to use the GAS version (which has a bit
narrower sound image) because the other is noticeably hissier.

Part 1-
Part 2-


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