Thursday, February 12, 2009

Kevin Ayers-September 8,2000

Kevin Ayers
Hollywood,CA-Knitting Factory
September 8,2000

DAT master


01 There Goes Johnny 9.29
02 Champagne and Valium 5.16
03 Mr Cool 3.44
04 When Your Parents Go To Sleep 5.56
05 Didn't Feel Lonely Till I Thought Of You 5.39
06 Everybody's Sometime and Some People's All The Time Blues 3.58
07 Lady Rachel 7.16
08 Stranger In Blue Suede Shoes 4.56
09 Super Salesman 7.00
10 May I ? 5.03
11 See You Later 1.02


Anonymous said...

Another great post ! Thank Y.

zico said...

A very special artist he is and surely this one shows why. Thanks again and again.

Anonymous said...


I was the bassist and "musical director" for this show. Glad to see it's still being enjoyed!

Three of these songs appear on Kevin's "Alive In California" CD -

You can also find video clips from this show at

John said...

More Kevin I can't live without! Forgive me for dumping all these comments, but you've got a goldmine of dead links here.

Please re-up here or on Dime if you would be so kind.