Sunday, February 5, 2012

Need Help In Finding A New File Hoster!

Hello all. I have been using Multiupload these past few months as my file hoster. But it seems that the upload function does not work on that site anymore! I am really bummed out by this. Does anybody know of a site similar to Mulitupload? Where you can upload a file to multiple filehost sites in one sitting? If not,I may have to stop this site for a while until I find a new filehoster.

Please help me out if you know of any sites. And no,I won't stick to one single filehost site,as you usually have to pay for a subscription. And if not,you are limited to only a certain amount of GB you can upload.

Thank You All!


Anonymous said...


but not sure if they are okay,
meself i load up -with a free account- on RapidShit , they delet your stuff after 30 day of no DL...
And mail you to tell they will delet,so i DL meself once if need!!!
my old stuff i re-up only on request....
...and if you don't have problem with Russian, Narod is fast to DL but slow to UP...the same for ifolder!!! greets ;and don't give up our "freedom"

Val (my google account don't work on this post, weird (lol)

Rob said...

Is Mediafire anygood to you?
I don't upload stuff but it's easy to download from.

bigdee said...

what about
I don't upload either but it's easy and fast to dl from.

Anonymous said...

hi me again (Val);
i was trying this morning to upload on ;
dammmed fast and long hosting the files even not premium account, go see they faq;
===>files bigger that 1000mb!!!

Anonymous said...

It is possible to upload to Mediafire even without setting up an account.

Check out TUBE, their new system of uploading to multiple sites is good.

It's All Tunes To Me said...

I use mediafire it is easy to upload to and free lets you upload up to 200 mb per folder as well .

Anonymous said...

This free site is up to 1 Gig file size and everything is direct link/parallel downloads. It usually uploads at about 350kbps (fast) and you can manage folders if registered. Files stay forever.


Anonymous said... got great speeds for free users,check it out pal.

Anonymous said...

No Upoloaded please,it s a nightmare for multiple parts/files for free users.
Thank you.

Hal Jalikeakick said...

Hi all. I might stick to using for the time being. But not sure about it though. I had to upload the same file three different times because it kept failing. So Don't know how long I will use it for. I don't and won't be using a single upload hoster. Because if they decide to delete my files,than all the files will be dead. I like to spread them on multiple servers.

Anonymous said...

Don't trust please ,
(is the same kind of host as, and down with all your links!!!
"Please honor the TOS of file hosting sites you are uploading to or your account will be disabled from our service. "

if they delet your stuff....
better upload by yousels on 2 host and renew if need!!!

DrEyescope said...

Hello Hal- If you are resigned to using mirrorcreator,)as I am for the moment in my postings) Might I suggest that you add Mediafire to your link choice? I have noticed a number of the recent Depositfile links have been deleted and some of the others are hard to confirm (uploadhere/uploadking keep timing out when accessed via server).
Mediafire is not only fast but,in my experience, they stay put.And Rapidshare (another possible choice therein) is slow, but they warn you if they are going to delete your links (though I am registered there and upload separately as well).
Hope this helps.
LOVE your blog and Thanks a Lot!

Anonymous said...

Hi Hal,

What about is using it and he puts
up for download new shows every month/10
days. Just a thought.

Greetings from Montrel.