Sunday, January 1, 2012

Frank Zappa-Volman Tapes-1970-71 (FLAC)

Mark Volman Field Recordings

from Jon's website:

1970-1971, "Mark Volman Field Recordings"
38 min,
Much of this appears on "Playground Psychotics", in most cases differently edited.
The time differences are in comparison with the PP versions, except where noted.
"You There With The Hard On" (+0:33)
Here Comes The Gear, Lads (+1:01)
The Living Garbage Truck (+0:10)
A Typical Soundcheck (+0:20)
"This Is Neat" (+0:08)
The Motel Lobby
Getting Stewed
The Motel Room (+0:06)
"Don't Take Me Down"
The Dressing Room (-0:18)
Learning "Penis Dimension" (-1:09)
The M.O.I Anti-Smut Loyalty Oath (YCDTOSA #6, +0:16)
"There's No Lust In Jazz" (+3:24)
FZ talking to band member about last night
Playground Psychotics (+0:28)
band talk about FZ
rehearsing 200 Motels dialogue
He's Watching Us (+3:05)
FZ talking to band member about 200 Motels

*What's missing in the list here is an excellent (possible rehearsal) version of Easy Meat.

BL - blackpage 9/26/05

tape (possible 2nd gen)->Sound Blaster Live->sound forge->cdwave->flac (SBE, level 8)

Part 1-

Part 2-


Timmy said...

Most excellente! Gracias, muchachos...

zico said...

This is surely the best New Year's present of them all. Thanks and all the best Great Hal.

wcpaeb said...

I always appreciate you posting Zappa shows from the 60's to early 70's.

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Simon George said...

I didn’t really appreciate frank until I got older.however, a friend got me into him and he truly is a great guitarist in his own right. Great post keep up the hard work. Check these out IStillGotMyGuitar.

Unknown said...

Great Zappa's recording and great contribution to Frank's fan community. Thanks! Some Frank's memorabilia here

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