Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Magic Band Demo 1974 (FLAC)


DEMO TAPE ( Fall of 1974 )

song list ( as written by John "DRUMBO" French )

1. A Piece of Me -- (we changed it from Deja Vu) Harkleroad music / French Lyrics.
2. Let That Child Live -- Music and Lyrics French
3. Reign of Pain -- Dan Moore -- Lyrics / French, Harkleroad -- Music
4. One Day Once -- Harkleroad, Music / French, Lyrics
5. Hot Ice ( Instrumental) Harkleroad
6. Hot Ice (Vocal) Harkleroad, Music / French, Lyrics.

band members
Bill Harkleroad...Guitar
Alex Snouffer.....Guitar
Mark Boston.......Bass
John Thomas.......Keys
John French.......Drums & Vocals

total time approx . . 22:33

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transfer by mcchocchoc

Wow. This one is really special. . . . .

Digging through the Archives here I found this tape, which I had totally forgotten about. It was labeled " Mallard Demo ". I was soon to find out that it was not actually a Mallard
demo, but instead THE MAGIC BAND Demo ( ! ! ) . . . recorded shortly after the guys all left CAPTAIN BEEFHEART & THE MAGIC BAND in 1974. The music here is really great and I am thinking that it will be "new" to many folks. Enjoy !

(Yeah I know their is a picture of the Captain for this post,even though he is not included in the demo. But I can't find a picture of the Magic Band at all from this time period)


boboquisp said...

Magic Band good. Thanks

vishangro said...

At last this demo makes it onto the net.

Anonymous said...

This is Great !!!
Thank you very much.
Keep up the great work here.

zico said...

One of the all time great to one of the all time best musical places. Thanks a zillion once more mate.