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Roxy Music Britsh Biscuit + KBFH 1974-75

Roxy Music Britsh Biscuit + KBFH 1974-75

Roxy Music (Strawbs also on the show)
City Hall Newcastle, England
October 28th 1974
British Biscuit / WBCN-FM Broadcast
Total Time: 23:17

1. British Biscuit Intro
2. Mother of Pearl
Out of the Blue (Officially Released on Viva-not included)
3. If It Takes All Night
4. Virginia Plain
5. Editions of You
6. Re-make/Re-model
7. British Biscuit Commercial Break
Do the Strand (Officially Released on Viva-not included)


Roxy Music (Labelle also on the show)
The Beacon Theatre (New York, NY)
November 26, 1975
King Biscuit Flour Hour / WBCN-FM Broadcast
Total Time: 24:41

1. KBFH Intro
2. Love is the Drug
3. She sells
4. The Thrill of it All
5. KBFH Commercial Break
6. Out of the Blue
7. Eddie Jobson Solo
8. Whirlwind
9. KBFH Outro

Part 1-
Part 2-


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