Friday, March 26, 2010

Carla Bley Band-Italy (September 3, 1977)

The Carla Bley Band
Festival "Jazz ad Alassio"
Alassio, Italy
September 3rd, 1977

Audience recording

A concert that stuck in my mind, and now that I've digitized the tape, I hope you can enjoy it.
In my opinion this edition ("The European Tour 1977") remains among the best bands Carla has ever led.

Dedicated to LYM

Carla Bley,organ,piano,tenor saxophone,arranger,conductor
Michael Mantler,trumpet
Roswell Rudd,trombone
John Clark,French horn,electric guitar
Bob Stewart,tuba
Elton Dean,alto saxophone
Gary Windo,tenor saxophone
Terry Adams,piano
Hugh Hopper,electric bass
Andrew Cyrille,drums

1. Carla's Intro (02:37)
2. Drinking Music (07:30)
3. Song Sung Long ((09:44)
4. Dreams So Real (04:39)
5. Wrong Key Donkey (14:32)
6. Rose And Sad Song (10:00)
7. Spangled Banner Minor And Other Patriotic Songs (28:19)
8. A New Hymn (08:54)

Part 1-
Part 2-


zico said...

Carla is a music giant. And this surely a great early Easter present. Thanks a million once more.

Anonymous said...

I am SOOOOO in love with Carla Bley.

Such cerebral music but never ever pretentious. Not selfish either which is kind of a drag because she has such great chops.

Gotta love that red sweater.

Thanks for posting this show.

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This is great music!