Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Tommy Bolin & Zephyr (1969)

Zephyr (with Tommy Bolin) .... July 1969
Reed Ranch, California, U.S.A.

Tommy Bolin - guitar
Candy Givens - vocals
David Givens – bass
Richard Chamberlain - drums
John Faris – keyboards

Source: SBD

Set list:

01 Hard Chargin' Woman> 22:33m
02 Cross the River (fades out) 15:06m
03 instrumental (cut) 6:57m



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I know something so important about this group,Other Zephyr members of note include trance blues maven, Otis Taylor, who played bass during the mid-1970s and blues guitarist, Eddie Turner, who played guitar in the last incarnation during the early 1980s!!22dd

Anonymous said...

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