Monday, January 11, 2010

Captain Beefheart-Top Gear 1968

Captain Beefheart
BBC "Top Gear" with John Peel
January/May 1968

Sound varies, especially on tracks 4 & 5 which seem to have been compiled from alternate sources. Overall I'd give it a B+,
very listenable, especially for the devoted fan--as which of us are not?

Don Van Vliet: vocals, harmonica, musette, tenor & soprano sax
Jeff Cotton: guitar, slide guitar
John French: drums, percussion
Jerry Handley: bass guitar
Alex St. Clair Snouffer: guitar, slide guitar

January 24, 1968
London, Maida Vale. Studio 4

1. Yellow Brick Road
2. Abba Zaba
3. Sure 'Nuff & Yes I Do
4. Electricity

May 6th, 1968
London, 201 Piccadilly, Studio 1

5. Beatle Bones 'N Smokin' Stones
6. Safe As Milk
7. Kandy Korn
8. Trust Us


JungleForce said...

This is great CB is my man!

Anonymous said...


I have a much better Kandi Korn session track.
Here is the link:
link is:

SF Sorrow

zico said...

I just dropped by to say thanks a million once more and all the best of course.

Viagra Online Without Prescription said...

I never heard about them, but I'm sure they must sound like those hippie-english bands! Still, thank you, it is always great to listen to something new.