Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Daevid Allen-N'Existe Pas Outtakes (FLAC)

Daevid Allen
OutTakes from "N'Existe Pas"


01. Banana Reggae
02. No Other Than The Mother Is My Song
03. I Am The Fool
04. 5 & 20 Spacemen (?)

Musicians (possibly)-

Daevid Allen: Guitar, Vocals
George Bishop: Saxophone & Clarinet
Chris Cutler: Percussion
Pepsi Milan: Acoustic Guitar
Angel Aduana: Banjo
Ronald Walten: Pipes on Plastic Disc
Brain Damage, Ronald & Rodney Dust: Drums



Guy said...

Thanks for this! Great to get some more Daevid rarities and I love this album :)

Anonymous said...

i love this album, too, but my download is a bit fuzzy around the bass. is this the case for anyone else?

Osvaldo said...

What a pity, all the links are dead. Can you uploaded one more time?