Thursday, December 18, 2008


Gong (GongMaison)
Clamecy, FR
Salle Polyvalente
April 27,1991

Soundboard Recording

01-Master Builder (10:13)
02-Dynamite (12:31)
03-Euterpe Gratitude Piece (5:26)
04-PEMS (?) (6:36)
05-You Can't Kill Me (6:21)
06-Fohat Digs Holes In Space (11:30)
07-Mr. Albert Parkin (2:07)
08-Est-ce Que Je Suis? (4:34)
09-Radio Gnome Invisible (10:09)
10-Mr. Long Shanks / O Mother (3:23)
11-Bamboo > Tablas Logorythmique (8:17)
12-Blues For Findlay (7:33)
13-Can You: You Can (13:35)
14-Tropical Fish / Selene - Band Intro (13:17)
15-Flying Teapot (8:34)
16-The Mantram Chant Of You (7:15)

GongMaison are-
Daevid Allen
Didier Malherbe
Keith The Bass
Graham Clark
Shyamal Maitra

Part 1-
Part 2-
Part 3-


cozmicbeat said...

Thanks a lot, great show ! By the way, don't you have a good soundboard show from the Shapeshifter tour ?

Anonymous said...

Thanks very much Hal, for all the great Gong stuff on your blog! You're a star.

Anonymous said...

I love your blog !
Funny to see this GongMaison show on the net. I think it may be the source I shared with friends in 1991 when i got a copy of the tape from a friend of Daevid. It brings back good memories.
Strangely, your copy is not complete, and in the wrong order. Here is the complete list that was played this night (it was a very long concert, requires 3 CDs):

- Euterpe's gratitude piece
- Dis donc dis donc (aka Bloomerang. Where does the title PEMS comes from ?)
- You can't kill me
- Glad stoned/Fohat digs holes in space
- Loli
- Mother's gone to India
- Les B
- Pretty Miss Titty
- Master builder
- Dynamite
- Mr Albert Parkin
- Est ce que je suis ?
- Radio gnome invisible
- Mister long Shanks/O mother
- Le berger des nuages (bamboo)
- tablas logorythmique
- Blues for findlay
- Instrumental Bloomdido (untitled at the time; later called can you you can)
- Tropical fish/selene
- Flying teapot
- mantram chant of you

WOZZ said... links still fine :)

Hey, Anonymous, how about posting up the full concert then?

Anonymous said...

Many thanks for this and many other things Gongesque. This one of course features Keith The Bass from Here & Now who played with Daevid and Gilli as Planet Gong. You'll find many out-of-print/unofficial recordings of Planet Gong and Here & Now at my megapost (and in the comments too)here:

Cheers and thanks again, Dave Sez.

Anonymous said...

And a recent addition to the above megapost: Gong Maison 05.05.91 at the Fridge, Brixton, thanks to the great Roy Rocket here:

Go thank the man! Cheers, Dave Sez.

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