Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Robert Wyatt-Rarities

Robert Wyatt-Rarities

Rarities-Vol. 1

Jimi Hendrix - Daytripper (BBC
Francois Bayle - It
Phil Manzanera - Frontera
Steele-Cage - Experiences
Steele-Cage The Wonderful Widow of Eighteeen Springs
Steele-Cage Three Short Outtakes
Robert Wyatt - Rangers in the Night
Epic Soundtracks - Jelly, Babies
Robert Wyatt - The International
Various Artists / Shiny Men - Dream Pussy
Ben Watt - Walter and John
Marsha Hunt - All She Wanted
Working Week - Venceremos-We W
Last Nightingale - Moments of
Last Nightingale - In The Dark
Akimbo - Machine
Robert Wyatt & Evan Parker - C
CTI - Unmasked
CTI - Core
Ryuichi Sakamoto - We Love You

Rarities-Vol. 2

Ultramarine - Kingdom
Ultramarine - Happy Land
Ultramarine - Kingdom
Serge Faubert - Primitif
Serge Faubert - Insomnie
Fish Out Of Water - Once In A Lifetime
Fish Out Of Water - Cry From The City 1
Fish Out Of Water - Cry From The City 1
Millenium - Another Great Victory
Millenium - Igor Mortis
Millenium - Erup-Peru From A Civilized World
Michael Mantler - Understanding
Robert Wyatt - September In The Rain
Robert Wyatt - Del Mondo
Cristina Donna - Goccia

Compilation of Wyatt songs throughout the years.

Part 1-
Part 2-
Part 3-
Part 4-


zico said...

He is something else. A truly great musician, one of the best even in Britain, wyatt is a...must i believe for all those who love this special art.
Well done once more Hal, you surely are one of the best.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your great work!

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Anonymous said...

It´s nice to have all these collaborations gathered in one place.
It shows us, how unique Robert Wyatt is: he does everthing in his very own special way, no matter what sort of artist or genre he´s involved with.
Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for this unique collection of works from one of my all time favourite artists.
Another totally unique work from Robert can be found here:
- A recording from The Italian radio from 1981.

Greetings from Ib from Denmark

Unknown said...


How do you open/extract these files? Whenever I try to extract them, I get messages like "Please insert the disk containing XXXX into Drive C", etc.

This happens regardless of whether i use WinRar, WinZip or 7-Zip.

Any ideas?



Anonymous said...

Another rare work of R.Wyatt (with Henry Cow) can be found here:

Anonymous said...

Hi Hal,

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Thanks in advance!


Anonymous said...

Link is Down.Could You Please Re-UP?

Anonymous said...

Please, re-upload!!!!

Bran Ruz said...


Very interesting post but, unfortunately, all links are down.
Would it be possible to re-upload ?