Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Frank Zappa-10-25-68

Frank Zappa
Royal Festival Hall, London, England
October 25, 1968

Source: 4th generation soundboard fragment

Set list:

01 Uncle Meat Variations 6:19 °°° fades in
02 In The Sky 2:09
03 Orange County Lumber Truck Medley [AOTT] 17:34

total time 26.04 min

The Mothers Of Invention, September - October 1968

Frank Zappa
Roy Estrada
Jimmy Carl Black
Art Tripp
Ian Underwood
Don Preston
Bunk Gardner
Motorhead Sherwood


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zico said...

Well, Hal once more you scored. Actualy a had a dream about Zappa last night, so that was it ,a suppose. Anyway this fine blog of yours keeps amazing me , and not only I believe.
O big thank you is needed I'm sure...