Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Robert Wyatt (Canterbury Anthology Vol. 4)

Robert Wyatt (Canterbury Anthology Vol. 4)

01-The Whole Point of No Return
02-Soup Song (BBC Top Gear 9-10-74)
03-Sea Song (From 'Free Will And Testament'-1997 BBC4 Documentary)
04-Dedicated To You But You Weren't Listening (Royal Drury Lane 9-8-74)
05-Memories (Royal Drury Lane 9-8-74)
06-Sea Song (Royal Drury Lane 9-8-74)
07-The Duchess (From 'Shleep')
08-Righteous Rhumba (BBC Top Gear 12-5-72)
09-Instant Pussy (Maida Vale-BBC Top Gear 11-10-69)
10-Trickle Down (From 'Cuckooland')
11-Team Spirit (From 'Ruth is Stranger Than Richard')
12-Heathen Have No Soul (AI Studios, Rome, Italy-February,1981)
13-Billy's Bounce (AI Studios, Rome, Italy-February,1981)
14-Gharbzadegi (From 'Ruth is Stranger Than Richard')
15-The Verb (Recorded At Home 2003)
16-Free Will & Testament (From 'Free Will And Testament'-1997 BBC4 Documentary)



jeff said...

great album!thanks

Anonymous said...

among various typos, you may want at least to restore the missing initial 'R' in RAI Studios, Rome, Italy

Anonymous said...

and hey -- Gharbzadegi from 'Ruth is Stranger Than Richard'????????? -- it's from OLD ROTTENHAT, man...

eda said...


PeterP said...

Howdy. The links are all dead. Would love to hear these.

Anonymous said...

I second that last comment! I'd love to hear 'em too. It'd be great if they could be re-posted.