Saturday, January 26, 2008

Henry Cow-More Cambridge Than Canterbury (Canterbury Anthology Vol. 7)

Henry Cow-More Cambridge Than Canterbury (Canterbury Anthology Vol. 7)

01-Bittern Storm over Ulm
02-Half Asleep; Half Awake
04-Nine Funerals Of The Citizen King
05-I Came To See You (BBC 2-28-72)
06-With The Yellow Half Moon & Blue Star (BBC 10-17-72)
07-Gloria Gloom-BBC Studios (BBC-Peel Session 8-5-75)
08-History & Prospects- I. Industry
09-Day By Day- Falling Away
11-The Glove
12-Untitled Song-7-13-78


kingpossum said...

Great blog, Hal. I'm more London than Canterbury (can you say Hawkwind?), so it's great that you're tossing this stuff up for me to explore. Thanks, it's greatly appreciated.


eda said...


Senor Pantalones said...

What's the source for the tracks after the BBC sessions? Haven't heard of most of them, but they're intriguing (to say the least).

progmarce said...

Thanks a lot for this one.

PeterP said...

Thank you for the music.