Saturday, March 10, 2012

Peter Hammill-Basel Foyer Neues Stadttheater (1973.05.19) (FLAC)

Peter Hammill
Foyer Neues Stadttheater
19 May 1973

01 Introduction
02 The Lie
03 Easy To Slip Away
04 Refugees
05 The Birds
06 I Once Wrote Some Poems
07 Rock And Rôle
08 Slender Threads
09 Time For A Change
10 Afterwards
11 German Overalls
12 Forsaken Gardens
13 Vision
14 In The End

Technical notes:
Master cassette (audience recording) -> CD by Philips CD recorder -> flac

Although I have seen this gig, it's not my recording. It's by a friend of mine,
recorded with a sony stereo tape recorder. The taper had some problems with the
recorder, and from the 3.48 in Slender Threads, the left channel was falling out.
This means, that for the rest of the gig, there's only the right channel. Apart
from this mistake, it's quite a good recording for that time, with very clear

Historical notes:
It was not, as the poster says, the first solo gig on the European continent, as
PH did an Italian tour in December 1972, supporting Le Orme. But itwas his first
solo gig outside Itly and England.

Time For A Change: This is the first knmown live performance of this song by
Judge Smith, then Chris Smith, as PH announced.

Forsaken Gardens: It's the live world premiere of the song, as PH announced.

Part 1-

Part 2-

Part 3-


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Nice! I hadn't caught up with this one until now.

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