Saturday, January 15, 2011

MAN (3 Pack) (FLAC)

MAN (3 Pack)

1-Volkhaus, Zurich, 1970

Anyone know the exact date and line-up for this one?
To my ears it pre-dates the Terry Williams line-up, but I could be wrong.

lineage unknown
sample included

01 Conscience (7:09)
02 Sudden Life (14:45)
03 It Is As It Must Be (shit on the world) (5:51)


2-Stadthalle Feuerbach, Stuttgart
March 25,1971

Lineage unknown

Micky Jones
Deke Leonard
Clive John
Martin Ace
Terry Williams

01 Would the Christians Wait Five Minutes, the Lions are Having a Draw? (14:33)
02 Country Girl (3:44)
03 Just Came Along (18:45)
04 Romain (11:21)


3-Bilzen Festival, Belgium
August 1973

Micky Jones
Phil Ryan
Terry Williams
Will Youatt
Tweke Lewis

01 Improv/Spunk Rock (10:40)

Part 1-

Part 2-

Part 3-

Part 4-


dlz1965 said...

Hi Hal
Thanks for another fantastic post. According to the Manband Archives wesite,Man only played at Zurich Volkshaus on 10th July 1971.

tony said...

Unfortunately the links don't work for me.

cheers Tony

space88 said...

Great Post!!THANKS

Kastis said...

Just Came Along (1971-03-25 MAN-Stadthalle Feuerbach, Stuttgart) is damaged. The track has error on 1:53. I downloaded Man(3 Pack) twice, but result was the same. Please fix and repost damaged track.

Kastis said...

Downloading with rapidshare was successful. Thank You for amazing music!

Unknown said...

Hello I will link to your blog on mine. I wish you could do the same for us.


Hodgehogwhite said...

играли 1970.03.04

DeePeeGee said...

Any chance please of new links for this post? Thanks