Friday, July 30, 2010

Jethro Tull-Pile of Bricks-Japan 1972

Jethro Tull
July, 1972
Sinjuku Hall, Japan

Pile of Bricks
Digital Reproductions (DR 79972-0)

Recorded live at the Sinjuku Hall in Japan in July of 1972

This unauthorized and unofficial release was created by Digital Reproductions for Jethro Tull fans.

Disc 1: (Thick as a Brick 78:04)

01. Thick as a Brick pt.1 21:21
02. Flute Solo 12:47
03. Thick as a Brick reprise 9:51
04. News Reports 4:15
05. Thick as a Brick pt.2 2:21
06. Drum Solo 13:32
07. Thick as a Brick reprise 14:05
08. Introduction 0:51
09. Cross Eyed Mary 2:53
10. A New Day Yesterday 12:41
11. Aqualung 8:38
12. Wind Up - Guitar Solo 15:13
13. Locomotive Breath 8:43
14. Wind Up reprise 2:27

This is an incredible performance of the entire
Thick as a Brick album, at nearly 80 minutes long!

Part 1-
Part 2-
Part 3-


Anonymous said...

Thanks Hal for the post, great stuff. Unfortunately,I have crc failures constantly. I do not have "drum solo" and "wind up guitar solo" from this classic show. If any kind soul would mind linking me to any of those said tracks I'd be forever grateful.

Anonymous said...

Problem solved, thanks for all the "wonderful offers of help", of which, there was none.