Thursday, December 3, 2009

The Move-Unreleased BBC 1967-1971

The Move
BBC Studios
Various 1967 - 1971

Source - Radio Broadcasts
Quality - Varies From VG to EX-

Pop Session - October 1968
1. Going Back
2. Flowers In The rain
3. Wild Tiger woman

Pop Session - March 1969
4. Rock 'n' Roll Woman
5. Good Times
6. Blackberry Way

Pop Session - April 1969
7. Blackberry Way
8. The Birthday
9. The last thing On my mind

Engelbert Humperdink Show - April 1969
10. The Last thing On my mind
11. Blackberry Way

Pop Session - August 1969
12. Evil Woman
13. Curly
14. Wild Tiger woman

Pop Session - October 1969
15. Open My Eyes
16. Curly
17. I Can Hear The grass Grow
18. Roy Wood Interview
19. Hello Suzie
20. Carl Wayne Interview
21. Cherry Blossom Clinic Revisited

Pop Session - March 1970
22. She's A Woman
23. Brontosaurus

"Top Of The pops EP"

Live At The BBC Between 1967 - 1971
24. Looking On
25. Ella James
26. Tired Of Being lonely
27. She's Got The way to groove it
28. Love is in the pocket
29. 8 miles high
30. Message from the Country
31. Fields Of People

"Black Country Rock"
BBC Session 1967 or 1968
32. Sounds Of silence

Part 1-
Part 2-
Part 3-


Anonymous said...

Another great BBC sessions compilaton!


Stephen said...

This looks like a good one - thanks.

Anonymous said...

Phil De Grave there? He's a friend of Hal Julaikakik.

Anonymous said...

This is great, thanks!

Anonymous said...

Wow!! 90 glorious minutes of the Move, I can't thank you enuff!!

Damn!! 90 minutes of the Move, try to fit that on an 80 minute cd. #@&*%!!

As Shakespeare once said (I think he was into his countrymen the Move!)
"If Music be the food of Love
And that Music be the Move
Give me EXCESS of it that the appetite may sicken and die.."

Well, you can never have too much Roy!!

Johnno in NJ

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot for these!!

generic cialis said...

Excellent thanks for share.

Anonymous said...

Great Stuff--Thank You!
Shame that it seems that all these tracks run at the wrong speed/pitch though.
Maybe one day these BBC 'left-overs' will merit an official release to go with the 1967-68 Move BBC Sessions disc?!?

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