Thursday, August 20, 2009

Frank Zappa-The Grand Wazoo Orchestra

Frank Zappa
The Grand Wazoo Orchestra
Hollywood Bowl,Los Angeles,CA
September 10,1972

Audience Recording- B-

1. New Brown Clouds
2. Big Swifty
3. For Calvin (and His Next Two Hitch-Hikers)
4. Think It Over
5. Approximate

Musicians (the Grand Wazoo band):
Frank Zappa
Tony Duran
Jerry Kessler
Dave Parlato
Jim Gordon
Tom Raney
Ruth Underwood
Ian Underwood
Bruce Fowler
Malcolm McNabb
Tom Malone
Earl Dumler
Glen Ferris
Sal Marquez
Ken Shroyer,
Mike Altschul
Joanne McNabb
Jay Migliori
Ray Reed
Charles Owens


zico said...

My oh my!!! This is beyond words Great Hal. A million or should I say a zillion, thank you very much , and more on the way... This is a historical musical adventure and I for one as Uncle Frank used to say will surely and truly enjoy it.

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you pick up a great picture to promote this album. I think that I would choose another one.

ThingFish said...

Check this out. It's a Very Frank Zappa Influenced Rock Opera by a VT Band called Electric Sorcery. The album is called Believe In Own Best Friend. I think you might like it...