Friday, May 1, 2009

The Crazy World Of Arthur Brown -BBC Sessions 1968

The Crazy World Of Arthur Brown
BBC Sessions 1968

01. Fire Poem (BBC 1968)
02. Fire (BBC 1968)
03. I Put A Spell On You (BBC 1968)
04. Child Of My Kingdom (BBC 1968)
05. Come And Buy (BBC 1968)
06. Devil's Grip
07. What's Happening
08. Space Plucks/Dem Bones
09. You Don't Know
10. The Water Suite (unknown, unreleased track)
11. Gypsy (Kingdom Come Rehearsal with Drum Machine)
12. Fire Poem (Tom Jones Show 1968)
13. Fire (Tom Jones Show 1968)

UK radio (BBC) Top Gear, London, Picadilly, Studio 1 - Broadcast on the 28th April
Child Of My Kingdom-Ron Wood (bass)
Come And BuyRon Wood (bass)
Fire-on Wood (bass)
I Put A Spell On You-Ron Wood (bass)

Part 1-
Part 2-


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Anonymous said...

Hello, I'm searching a music title from the beginning of 70s. It's earlier than 1973. You can hear the music following this link and a second one under I'm searching longer than 10 years and I want to know whose music it is. So I hope you can help me. I'm curious... Lothar from Germany

Hans Hund said...

Thank you very Much for this rare item.I enjoyed listening a lot.

Anonymous said...

Awesome, thanks Hal

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Thanks, very interesting stuff. Is all this on their lps?

Tomaraki said...

Hi Hal, do you or does anybody know from which group are the two posted great songs from Lothar in May? I'm also looking for an interpret, please help me to find out a song what I've heard in 1983 and I'am still looking for the interpret but nobody knows. The Style is like VdGG, Marsupilami, Focus, Jethro or Parzival, it's a very good melodic prog-rock-synfonic-song, a bit dramatic-opera-style with refrain "Conversation, Demonstration...“ rest of words are sung more faster and stop suddenly (like at the opera) and than follows a short flute solo improvisation (like Ian Anderson) what stops and to the rhythm they're following some spoken words like "Downtown, Uptown, Insidetown" or so, accompanied with an long deep sax noice at the at the end of the part. Unfortunately I don't have the recording anymore! I still hope and say thank you all for helping me! Cheers, Tomaraki from Germany

Anonymous said...


Thank you for sharing this, but the second part of the file is missing. Is there anyway of getting it?

Thanks again.

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I'm very curious about this album. I love 60's and 70's music and I just think there is still so much left to discover! Another one for my collection. Thank you man.

morgadob said...

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