Saturday, September 6, 2008

Pink Floyd-Fillmore East-9-27-70

Pink Floyd
Fillmore East, New York, NY, USA

1. Astronomy Domine [10:51]
2. Green is the Colour [3:32]
3. Careful with that Axe, Eugene [9:55]
4. Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun [11:42]
5. Fat Old Sun [11:46]

Total Length: 47:47

This was originally released as a bonus on the bootleg "An Amateur Wouldn't Do This" - FA031.

This low gen cassette for 9-27-1970 sounds better than anything I've heard that has been previously
circulating. I think you will enjoy it very much. Also, notice that there are some versions of this date circulating that have AHM attached to it. That version should not be from this date since it contains no orchestra and they have been reported to have used an orchestra this day, therefore we have not included this song.


Anonymous said...

You're right about the sound. This is pretty good.

Moonshake said...

Hal,Would love to hear this show again. I was at this show. This was the second set after intermission. AHM was the first set. I'm new to blogging and this type of file transfer. Any advise as to how to get this file? Hope to discuss more prog soon. Let me know how. Thanks,

file transfer over internet said...

This is a console based application. You need to run first Server application then client. This for local host(same machine). If you run in different machine, need to configure once. About server IP/address in client code, file path & folder.

Charles Kaplan said...

I was at this show also, though I recall Atom Heart Mother being the second set, with orchestra and choir. Without a doubt one of the most memorable concerts I've ever attended. Drove from Ohio with a van load of Floyd fans. Who ever thought I'd get to hear this show again! Thanks for the post.

Drmammu said...

I was at the show, and Waters blew up an amp stack right as Astronomy Domine started. AHM was in the second set

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