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Glastonbury Fayre (1971)

Glastonbury Fayre 1971

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Glastonbury Fayre is a triple album released in 1972, comprised of performances by acts who had appeared at the Glastonbury Festival in 1971 (see Festival line-up 1971). The album came in a foldout poster sleeve in a printed PVC outer sleeve, with a 32 page illustrated booklet and a foldout Silver Pyramid, all designed by Barney Bubbles.

Although the performances are live, not all of the performances were actually recorded at the Festival.

Not my own rip.

01-The Grateful Dead: Dark Star....bury
02-Brinsley Schwarz: Love Song
03-Mighty Baby: A Blanket In My Muesli
04-Marc Bolan: Sunken Rags
05-Pete Townshend: Classified
06-David Bowie: Supermen
07-Hawkwind: Silver Machine and Welcome to the Future
08-Skin Alley: Sun Music
09-Daevid Allen and Gong: Glad Stoned Buried Fielding Flash And Fresh Fest Footprint In My Memory
10-Pink Fairies: Do It
11-Pink Fairies: Uncle Harry's Last Freak-Out
12-Edgar Broughton Band: Out Demons Out

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Part 2-
Part 3-


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