Friday, April 25, 2008

Jethro Tull-Newport Pop Festival-June 21,1969

Jethro Tull
June 21, 1969
Newport Pop Festival
Davonshire Downs, CA

1. Nothing is Easy
2. A Song For Jeffery
3. Back To The Family
4. Dharma For One
5. Martin's Tune
6. For A Thousand Mothers

Very good early Tull soundboard recording!!


Rochacrimson said...

It is possible to repost the firt part of Egg's BBC 1972 part1,because the file is corrupte.I try many times but stills file corrupte :-((

chriswfc said...

Hi Hal, the things you are posting are fantastic, but am I missing something as they all appear to be password protected?

Hal Jalikeakick said...


None of tjhem are password protected!!

Anonymous said...

thanks for the Jethro Tull do you have any Tull from John Peel sessions or BBC?again thanks

eda said...


Alex B said...

Jethro is the biggest, best group of prog rock!!
Alive recording amazing!! Music in pure state!!Thanks for the blog!