Sunday, February 17, 2008

Matching Mole (Canterbury Anthology Vol. 10)

Matching Mole (Canterbury Anthology Vol. 10)

01-Marchides (BBC 1972)
02-Gloria Gloom
03-March Ides 2 (BBC 4-17-72)
04-Instant Pussy (BBC 4-17-72)
05-March (Europe-March 1972)
06-Instant Pussy (BBC In Concert 7-27-72)
07-Lything And Gracing (BBC In Concert 7-27-72)
08-Organ Solo (BBC In Concert 7-27-72)
09-March Ides (BBC In Concert 7-27-72)
10-Part Of The Dance (BBC In Concert 7-27-72)
11-God Song
12-Gloria Gloom (BBC 7-21-72)
13-Nan True's Hole (BBC 7-21-72)


Anonymous said...

Downloading now. Thanks man.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this great music. Love the sound of Dave McRae on keyboard.

Anonymous said...

Great blog. Saw the Mole at an allnighter (Kings X Cinema) back when with Soft Machine and Elton Dean's band. Ah them was the days!
Thanks for this.
Blog on.

eda said...


zappahead said...

Thanks for sharing this...better version than the offical bbc one....much appreciated...cheers.

theepyramid said...

WOW!!!! Hal, your blog is amazing! I just wish that I didn't get so distracted by it when I'm trying to do school work. How can I resist when my friends in Matching Mole and Henry Cow and GOng are whispering my name through the computer screen?

Thanks! You make me glad that I live in 2010

PeterP said...

Thank you for the MM.